brand ambassador

I love how the brand connects back to the motherland in so many pieces and how it's handmade; it makes every piece unique. I have not seen a piece of jewelry I don't admire. 

Philadelphia, PA

MAKKAH: @goddess_makkah

brand ambassador

What I like about Broken Limits is the simple beauty of each piece; the jewelry makes me feel confident when I wear it. I want to support a female entrepreneur and be a part of that growth. As minority women we deal with a lot of adversity and challenges beyond our control - if we come together to uplift and support each other we will become unstoppable. 

Queens, NY

RAVEN: @koolaidndcaviarr

brand ambassador

​I love Carmen's work and her commitment to showcasing African culture through her creations. I love supporting those who use their authentic voice and gifts in a  positive way to rise above naysayers. What I like about Broken Limits in addition to the name, is its handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Bronx, NY

SHANNON  (Miss Black New York USA 2019: @missblacknyusa2019

Brand Ambassador

​I love the jewelry and what it represents. It is colorful, fun, earthy, beautiful and classy. You can wear it to work, church, the club or any kind of social you're attending because it's so diverse. I love the whole concept of Broken Limits and the meaning behind the brand. 

Branchville, VA

SHAUNTA: @lovely23828

brand ambassador

I like Broken Limits because it can compliment various women's styles. I know when I buy something it will be quality, not overpriced and not something everyone will be wearing. Handmade anything is personal and unique. I especially love the idea of supporting a fellow black woman - if we don't support one another who will?

Brooklyn, NY

TAI: @taiaugust

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