Atiko Hair Pin Set

* Set of [2]
* Brass Wire Wrapping
* Handmade
How to wear them: stick it in your hair and adjust! Easily bendable yet durable

Kwatakye Atiko is a traditional Ghanaian Adinkra symbol which means "Hairstyle of Kwatakye.” It represented the special hairstyle worn by this famous war hero & Asante captain. It is a symbol of bravery, fearlessness and valor — including facing one’s own fears

Four bars & two spirals that curling in towards the center. The bars remind us to reach out & grasp what can help us or protect ourselves by warding off what cannot. The spirals. They encourage us to look within ourselves – mind & spirit. For the strength to endure. The wisdom to make the right choices. And the patience to await things all in their proper time
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    Please note: Each set will be similar but not exactly the same

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