• Natural Shell Necklace

    * Wire Wrapped Amethyst Pendant 
    * Painted Wood Bead
    * Shell Beads 
    * Handmade 
    Each pendant is unique in shape and size
    Length of necklace: 21 inches 
    • Details

      Amethyst is a type of quartz that comes in various shades of purple. Many see this stone as gentle and calming. The name of this stone comes from the Greek word “ amethystos,” which means not drunken. In the Ancient Greek and Roman times amethyst was worn by the high priests because it was believed that wearing or touching an amethyst kept people from getting intoxicated no matter how much they drank. The stone is often treated with heat to deepen the color. This precious stone is found in modern-day Iran, Iraq, Brazil, India, and some parts of Europe.
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